Naturium is a Persian progressive rock band. Naturium was co-founded by Hossein Montazeri & Hamed Malek in 2014. Later on as Gorgin Sharifi, Iman Takhmiri, Aryan Rezaee and Mohammad Ghanbarpour joined the band and Naturium got its line-up.
Naturium has sought and still seeks to find its own voice and build bridges with the audience.
A number of aspects stand out about Naturium's music: Its avoidance of pursuing the vocal centrism; its progressive structure and utilization of classical, eastern and traditional Iranian musical themes given musical background of its members. Another considerable feature of Naturium has to do with its approach to composition, arrangement and production which always feature a synergistic teamwork infused with the idealist spirit of each and every member of the band. This debut album is the product of collaboration, experimentation and a sonic quest by the band almost six years after its foundation.

You can listen to our debut album on Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon.